Purpose of Main Street

Berthoud Main Street Alliance...

is coming soon!

...as a volunteer-funded alliance (funded into 2020 by a newcomer to Berthoud from Laramie where he has seen the MainStreet program work wonders. This individual has no agenda, but like anyone else in town, he has a few ideas of what makes Berthoud special (ie dark skies at night).

The Main Street Alliance will be directed by a part time staff person (after 2020, that salary will be paid by sources like the town and the chamber).

The Alliance should include both Chamber of Commerce and Town of Berthoud economic development professionals; with constant input of ordinary citizens living along major roadways like First, Taft and Mountain/Welsh/Massachusets...

The Alliance might coordinate development of rural internet bandwidth, to enable better work-from-home opportunities (to alleviate additional highway congestion and enable stay-at-home spouces to earn income).

Members of the Alliance might decide that they stand for citizen-directed organic business growth (to meet the needs of the growing community and the new golf course) and to do it without degrading the quality of life which our



 This same "Main Street" solution has already brought $250,000 to improving Mountain Ave in the Old Town; and $150,000 to beautifying the roundabout at First Street.

Stay tuned to this web site and please help us with your ideas and suggestions!

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More soon! Please stay tuned!