Berthoud Main Street is started and ramping up operations!

BMS is a local alliance of business and residential people, with business needs and desires.

BMS is led by Director Karen Fate (of Berthoud's B-town Automotive).

Main Street programs define a "district" (in Berthoud's case this "district" will probably be defined to be along important main streets- Welch, Mountain, First and Berthoud Parkway... and include internet bandwidth for home offices).

Main Street then aids with improvements to the district, using funding provided by state and federal programs.

Besides a director, BMS "board members" should include both Chamber of Commerce and Town of Berthoud economic development professionals; with constant input of ordinary citizens who want greater opportunities to develop in town.

Regular meetings for townspeople and newspaper shall occur bi-monthly.

 In past years, "Main Street" has brought $250,000 to improving storefronts on Mountain Ave in the Old Town; and $150,000 to beautifying the roundabout at First Street.

The challenge for Berthoud Main Street today may be to ensure that any "stay at home" partner can 

work from home, or with a small company attracted to Berthoud for the lifestyle that is the envy of Colorado!

New Youtube Channel for Berthoud Main Street
New video of Larry Lucas from CO Dept of Local Affairs: