Rules and Information:


Each team will be provided a snow block with dimensions of 7.5'wx8'wx8'h feet (large block) and may not exceed a 10'x10' area. The block of snow shall be used entirely and carved all the way around. Only the original block of snow or any snow onsite may be used to create your sculpture. In the case not enough snow can be made then only smaller blocks will be made. It will be a 4'wx4'wx8'h feet (small block) and may not exceed a 6'x6' area. In the case no snow, event maybe cancelled or postponed. The block of snow may only be expanded to 10ft tall and to a width of 10 feet. Berthoud Main Street does not guarantee the condition of the snow blocks.

  1. THE TEAM:

Each team can have a maximum of 3 carvers, no minimum. Carvers must be minimum 18 years old for the large block and 14-18 years old and enrolled in High School for small block. Only carvers can work on any part of the sculpture, 'helpers' can only move or work snow that has already been removed.  No team member substitutions may be made after the official start of the competition.  Each team member must fill out a liability waiver before they can participate.  The waiver can be resubmitted by email or brought to the event.  download waiver


Sculpting will start on Wednesday , after a nice breakfast, reading of the rules, and drawing numbers for the blocks. You will begin carving at approximately 11 am. Sculpting ends at 10 am Saturday. You are allowed to carve anytime Wed – Thur. 7am – 8pm. Fri you can start at 7am and are allowed to carve until judging at 10 am Sat. Team pictures and a group photo will immediately follow. A photo schedule will be made available.  Sculptures will remain up for 1-2 weeks. (weather permitting).

  1. TOOLS:

Only hand tools can be used to create your sculpture.  No power tools are permitted. Teams are encouraged to provide their own specialty tools and scaffold. Molds are allowed but must be used onsite. Lasers for straight lines are not allowed. Dry ice can be used on site and cannot be part of the finished sculpture. No tools will be provided.


The only materials allowed are snow, ice and water. No colorants may be added and no other materials may be used. No supports or armatures may be used.  Spray paint, chalk lines and markers can be used for layout purposes but all color shall be removed before judging or the team and piece will be disqualified.

  1. DESIGN:

You are required to submit a design that you have never carved in snow before. There is not a theme so ideas are open. Original drawings or pictures of a model are acceptable to be turned in with your application. Please include a title and brief description or message of your piece.

  1. CLEAN UP:

Prior to judging, competitors will remove all tools and any snow from around your finished sculpture. It is up to the team to move snow away from finished sculptures. Snow must not be piled next to trees and sidewalks must be cleared of snow. A skid steer will be utilized each evening to remove snow.

  1. JUDGES:

First, second and third place awards are selected by the artists and/or appointed judges. There will also be a People’s Choice award.


First, second and third place awards are selected by the artists and/or appointed judges. There will also be a People’s Choice award. Awards will be based on:

  • Technical Skill / Degree of Difficulty – 40 points
  • Creativity – 25 points
  • Expressive Impact – 25 points
  • Adherence to original submission and Execution (clean lines, proportions and overall completion)-10 points

Berthoud Main Street, reserves the right to publish any photos and/or video of the sculptures. If published, names will be used with their work to the best of our ability. Berthoud Main Steet, is not responsible for injuries during competition or any theft, loss or damage to property.

Team Captains will receive confirmation of entry upon receipt of application and rendering of sculpture. Captains will also receive an email about any schedule changes.  A schedule of the weeks events will be provided on Wednesday during block assignments.  Team jackets/shirts/sweatshirts may be provided.

Berthoud Main Street will provide stipends for meals and welcome breakfast. We may provide banquet dinner, snacks, water and warm beverages throughout the day as well.

Lodging and transportation costs are the responsibility of the artist. If you require lodging, you can submit a request to for consideration of receiving a travel stipend.

If you would like to take part in our event, please fill in your details in this Event Registration Form below and you will be automatically registered. Event registration must be completed at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the event. (December 15th 2022)   Rules and additional information are located at the bottom of this page.